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Johannes Kip and “The Ancient & Present State of Gloucestershire” published in 1712.

Johannes Kip Architectural Prints 1712 print 7

Johannes Kip Architectural Prints 1712 print 1

Johannes Kip Architectural Prints 1712 print 7


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Johannes Kip (1652/53) was a Dutch draughtsman, engraver and print dealer who was briefly a pupil of Bastiaen Stopendaal (1636-1707), 1668 – 1670, before setting up on his own; his earliest dated engravings are from 1672.  A talented draughtsman & engraver he produced the engravings for the remarkable “The Ancient & Present State of Gloucestershire”,  published by Sir Robert Atkyns in 1712. Architecture is rendered with great care and detail, and the settings of parterres and radiating avenues driven through woods or planted across fields, garden paths gates and tool sheds are illustrated with meticulous detail, and amusingly staffed with figures and horses, coaches pulling into forecourts, water-craft on rivers, filled with the delight native to the Low Countries’ traditions. Some of the plates are maps, in the Siennese “map perspective,” a feat of imagination in a world that had not conceived even of a balloon ascension.


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